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Kingdom Of Rescreening LLC is a ​company that specializes in ​restoring and pool cage painting in ​all Florida. Rather than spending ​twice as much to build everything ​from scratch, we advise our clients ​to renovate their pool cages so that ​they look better than they did ​before.

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The problem

Experience has taught us that over time, ​elements like pool fences, harming the ​appearance of the house and even posing ​serious safety hazards. In terms of ​appearance, the paint on the fabric ​deteriorates to the point where it comes ​off, smearing small rust particles ​throughout the enclosure and easily ​producing stains in the pool and its ​surroundings.

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Pool Cage Rescreening

  • Remove the previous screen.
  • Rescreening the entire pool cage with 18/14 Phifer screen, a 3 Year Warranty American-made product.
  • The technicians are responsible for collecting any remaining screen, cleaning the work area, and looking after any property assets at the conclusion of their work.
  • Installing the door's new door kit.

Phifer description:

For patio and pool enclosures, Phifer offers a broad range of fiberglass insect screening. Phifer's fiberglass screen is woven from permanent glass yarn that has been coated with protective vinyl to ensure lasting beauty, color, and flexibility. It is produced under the strictest conditions to adhere to rigid specifications and won't rust, corrode, or stain. Phifer fiberglass screen complies with US-recognized REACH and ROHS commercial standards as well as those set forth by Europe.

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Pool Cage Painting

  • For increased strength and durability, replace all bolts with larger-sized stainless steel 304 marine grade bolts.
  • The Pool Cage will undergo a complete pressure washing to remove all oxidation, mold, and chipped paint in order to guarantee a spotless finish.
  • To prepare for painting, every area with visible loose paint will be wire wheeled, palm sanded, and polished.
  • Use solar pool covers and cover your deck with a fresh sheet of felt paper to prevent overspray on the surrounding areas.
  • Apply paint made of Pro Industrial DTM Acrylic to the pool cage. The paint contains a 50% primer component.
  • After the job is finished, if necessary, the pool area will be cleaned.

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Client Feedback

Ana Maria Larrabure

Great service and price ! highly recommended. We rescreened our whole cage and changed screws and anchors. Osberto Pavon did a great job . On time and clean. Thank you Osberto

Sattie Longchamp

Great job, very professional, and excellent communication. Thank you.

Missy Misanko

Rob and I can not thank you guys enough!! You did a perfect job! I it!!

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